Do You Know What is Hybrid Sim Slot and Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?, If Not Then Stick To This Article Till End

       Do You Know What is Hybrid Sim Slot and Hybrid Sim             Slot Adapter?, If Not Then Stick To This Article Till End


 If you are a Smartphone User than You must have Knowledge about what is Hybrid Sim Slot and Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter? If you don't know then at the end of this article, You will definitely get to Know What is Hybrid Sim Slot and Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?


In today's era, technology is changing day by day. We are experiencing many new technologies every day. Once there was a time when we were living without phones, the single tool of communication is Letters. But over time, many new inventions took place.

 One of them is Telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell. After that, many advancements had been done and a new term called Smartphone Came, which features calling, video calling, using the internet and social media, etc.

 Earlier, many phones provide a single sim slot, Single sim slot had many limitations such as you can use only one Sim at a time and if you want to use another sim then you need to purchase another phone which is not cost-effective. To resolve this problem, phone companies had introduced a dual sim slot on the phones.

In this system, the user could use dual sim at a time and one memory card or SD card to expand the storage of the phones. But this technology also had some limitations such as the size and weight of the phones had become a burden for the user.

The cost of these phones was a bit concerned for the phone user and also for the seller because sales of these phones were not as much than the smartphones with the hybrid sim slot phones.

 Now a new term comes in the phone market is Hybrid sim slot phones. Everybody is confused in a dual sim and hybrid sim slot. In this article, you will know the meaning of the Hybrid sim slot. 

Hybrid Sim Slot:

 A Hybrid sim slot is a new technology in the field of smartphones that is defined as the combination of two different slots in which a user can easily use two Sim (one nano sim+ one nano sim), one sim and one micro Sd card.


Need of Hybrid Sim Slot/Why Hybrid Sim Slot:

In today's era, Technology advancement is increasing day by day. Much new technology such as Smartphones, smart television, Smart adapter, Smart Car(such as electric cars) and many more things are coming in the market.

A mobile phone is an essential tool for us to do many things such as Calling, Video calling, Messaging, USing Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Telegram, etc).

To use these technologies, we need the Internet. By coming of Reliance Jio, the internet user in India increases due to these Smartphone Users in India has Increase. According to Google, India has 299.93 Million Users of Smartphones and in the world Smartphone user are 2.3 Billion users.

Earlier, the Smartphones Come with Dual Sim(CDSM Or GSM)support and Extra MicroSD Card. Due to this, Smartphones Sizes are huge and they are much heavier than today's Smartphones.

 To resolve this issue, Many smartphone companies are using Hybrid Sim slot technology. Now, having a hybrid sim slot in the phones, users can experience lighter weight smartphones of different models.

What is the Difference Between a Dedicated/Dual Sim Slot and Hybrid Sim Slot?:

Earlier we had to use 1 GB data in the whole month and the cost of these data packs was also high. But thanks to JIo who had provided our free data and later on the cost of the little amount of recharge, we using 1 GB data daily. Jio has changed the Indian Mobile phone market completely.

Approximately,  India has 300 Million users of smartphones in the World. This buzz has motivated many Smartphone companies to develop new smartphones which are economical and user-friendly.

To make such types of Smartphones, Company needs to reduce the Size and Weight of smartphones, So they introduced a new technology called a Hybrid sim slot.

In today's Scenario, if you will go to purchase a new Smartphone, Seller will tell you that they have Dual sim supported phone and Hybrid sim supported cell phones.

 But you do not have knowledge about these terms and you purchased any phone or what the seller suggests you. So in this article, you will get to know the difference between Dual sim and Hybrid Sim.

Dedicated Sim Slot:

 A Dedicated Sim Slot is a technology in which a user can use two Sim Card and a Memory Card or SD at a time in the phones. There is no need of changing one sim to another just like many Single Sim phones(such as iPhones) to use another Sim at a time.

Hybrid Sim Slot: 

A Hybrid sim slot means a user can use two sims, one sim, and one MicroSD card simultaneously. Hybrid sim slot technology is the best invention in the field of smartphones. This technology has cut the cost of smartphones and enhance the look of phones.

Top 10 mobiles with Hybrid Sim Slot:


Mobile Phones with Hybrid Sim Slot
Latest Price
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8
 Rs  9999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
 Rs  9999
Xiaomi MI Note 10
 Rs  43290
Xiaomi Redmi 7A
 RS  4999
Samsung Galaxy M30s
 Rs  13999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
 Rs   14999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S
 Rs   8999
Oppo F11 Pro
Rs   15990
Oppo F11
Rs    13990
Nokia 6.1 Plus
 Rs   8999

What is the Advantage of Hybrid Sim Slot/ Is hybrid Sim Slot good?:

Frankly speaking, there is no advantage of the Hybrid Sim slot for the customer perspective but it is useful for Manufacture's point of view because this technology provides manufacturers with various following things.


 Dual sim slot phones come with dual sim support and an SD or memory card support. These things took more space and also increased the weight of the phones.


Earlier, Smartphones came with a dual sim slot and a memory card slot. Due to which the size and weight of the phones were huge. This caused the large cost of these phones.

For instance, an average earning guy let us say earned Rs 15000  could not purchase the phone because he has to spend a big amount(Rs 20000) on the purchase for 3GB RAM+32GB internal storage. But after coming to the hybrid sim slot technology has reduced the cost of the phones(Rs 8999).


Hybrid sim slot technology has come with different slots such as two sims, one sim, and one MicroSD card. Users have now a choice to use any of them when they wish.

What is the Disadvantage of Hybrid sim slot:

 SIM Restriction:

The hybrid sim slot is good for manufactures but not for users, Because it has restricted the user to use one sim and a MicroSD card or two sims simultaneously. A user could not use both Sims at a time. For instance,  if you are a person who likes to live his personal and professional life separately then the Hybrid Sim Slot system or this type of smartphone is not for you.

Storage Restriction:

 Hybrid Sim Slot technology restrict the user to use both Sim and MicroSD card at a time. If you are a person who does not own a laptop and keeps every photo and media files on the phone than the Hybrid sim slot system is not made for you.

What is a Hybrid Sim Slot adapter?

 As we know, Hybrid Sim Slot technology has changed the shape and size of the phones. This technology has reduced the cost of manufacturing and also provided some space for the manufacturer to work on the extra space.

 Many customers liked this technology but a huge number of Mobile phone users expressed their regret after purchasing hybrid sim slot supported  Mobile phones. They disliked this technology because they could not use both Sim and SD card at once.

 A few of them liked to use separate SIMs for calling and the Internet. But after spending a decent amount on this type of smartphones they are prohibited to experience both facilities at a time.

Now, you are thinking that there is no solution to this problem, but my friend, I would like to tell you that you can get rid of this problem.

There is a solution to this problem and this problem can be solved by using a Hybrid SIM Slot adapter. Now, there could be a  question arise in your mind that,

what is a Hybrid SIM slot adapter?



Hybrid Sim slot Adapter is a new technology which has replaced Hybrid sim slot or we can say it is a tray just like Hybrid tray which enables users to use both SIM and memory card together.
Now there can be question arouse in your mind that

Is It Safe to Use Hybrid Sim Adapter?:

Yes, it is completely safe to use, it will not harm your phone. You can easily use two SIMs and memory cards. It is not installed completely inside of the phone, but it is partially attached inside and outside of your phone.

 There are some people, who will say that the hybrid sim slot will heat up and harm your phone, but these things are rumors only. It is not as bad as that, it is safe to use.

One main thing to know about using a hybrid sim slot adapter is that it will only consume more battery power of your phone. But if you have a  phone that has a good battery backup then it is not a big issue to use.

How to use Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?/How to Install Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?


1. First of all, arrange all your items, the adapter, two sims, and one Micro SD Card in one place.
2. Now remove your Sim tray from your phone.
3. Place your one micro SIM and MicroSD card in the hybrid tray.
4. Now open your adapter from polybag and insert your nano Sim card in the adapter.
5. Insert your hybrid tray along with an adapter inside the phone.
6. After this process, you are ready to use your phone with two SIMs and a MicroSD card.

To know more about installing hybrid Sim Slot Adapter view the @techriki video




From the article, let us conclude that if a person who uses one SIM for calling and Other SIM for internet usage and also wants to store data need SD slot would not prefer Hybrid SIM Slot phones.

There are hybrid SIM slot hacks(Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter) available in the market as well as on the e-commerce website that may meet your requirements. However, those are not easy or safe solutions. Many popular smartphone models are available with this feature but instead of buying a phone because of its popularity, it is better to buy one that suits you and fulfill your requirements.

I hope the above information would be useful for you. If you have any doubts regarding the topic feel free to ask in the comments section. I will try to assist you. Thank you for using Top10 everything.


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